Effective Astrological Remedies to Improve Life!

Astrological remedies are antidotes which nullify the negative impact of planets or any other element in your life. Remember astrological remedies will not fully take away the pain from your life instead, it will provide ease and relief from its impact.
Surprisingly, astrology does not only predict aspects of life about destiny, but it can also actually help to revamp life and treat the troubled sections. In astrology, it is all about time. One has to understand that it is inevitable to do and wear the right thing at the right time. A lot of people expect astrology and astrologers to wipe out the problem from the root completely. Unfortunately, they are humans too and cannot change the destiny of a person. They can only provide guidance, track problems, analyze its effect and help resolve them to ease its effect in your life.
Another myth amongst people is that one remedy can work for all. No! Since each person has a unique birth chart, similarly the frequency of problems, type of problem, planetary position and its effect differs from person to person.
Astrology accesses into the deeper layers of your personality, conscious and know about the weak aspects, where you need astrological assistance and remedy.

Remedy and Karma
Karma plays an important role in the universe. Not just in astrology in any study and belief karma is the nucleus. One’s deeds in the past and present lay the foundation of the future. Your present life and events are a result of your past deeds of which you are unaware. It is a vicious circle that goes on until your score is settled with Karma.

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Astrology Remedies

Remedies to counteract the negative influences of the planets and their bad yogas/doshas

According to the Vedic scriptures and the learned saints, performing mantra-japa, stotra recital, dana, pooja/homa etc. are auspicious as they produce positive effects and counteract and remove or at least reduce the negative Karma and improve your life. If you worship god scripture then it will lead to blessings from god and suffering is reduced. Hence, it proves the existence of god.

The hindu poojas and homas work when performed properly reciting the prescribed hindu mantras and chants using the prescribed ingredients, by making the required homa sacrifices and doing the prescribed dana etc to the pundits. Unfortunately a lot of people and pundits or hindu brahmin perform them either to cut cost or time and the results are not what you expect.


To counteract the negative influences of the planets and their bad yogas/doshas, or to improve and attain various desired objectives, the scriptures on worship have prescribed several hindu poojas and homas of various gods and deities. The deity is worshipped in the prescribed ritualistic manner with hindu mantras and offerings, the hindu brahmins are given anna-dana, vastra-dana and dakshina etc. The positive influence of these give you positive results. You experience better results and get an inner strength and confidence. Sometimes the results are instant and sometimes they are slow. But they are certain. I say it with confidence because hindu poojas have vastly improved my life.

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